About us


Since the inception of eFX Trading in the late 1990’s to today we have aggregated an exceptional cross section of talented traders and coders, and coders and traders.

Together we have leveraged our traders knowledge of market bevaviour during market “events” (Swiss Crisis, 9/11, Tsunami, Financial Meltdown(s) and worked with our coders to instill an instinct to expect the unexpected. A totally opposing mindset to that of a regular developer. This gives us the edge!

Every algorithm developed is proprietary and every PHD sitting writing code has had a financial markets guru overseeing their efforts and constantly challenging them with the “what ifs” such that it is second nature to them to build circuit breakers, kill switches, dymanically change strategies if non-normalised behaviour occurs.

Few other Algorithms, if any, outside the largest systematic Hedge Funds have been built with this level of scrutiny and with this blend of mentality. The real world of known knowns, known unknowns and unknown unknowns all factored into a machine which responds like a hyper intelligent rational human with market knowledge.

This gives us the edge over the 1’000’s of Algos or Robots out there. Every Proprietary Robot has been designed to know when it should do nothing bar protect the Client i.e. DO NOT TRADE.

Our mission is to develop and publish the best trading bots traded by our developers with oversight from those who have lived through these events on the worlds trading floors at the largest global investment banks and to expose all these so called trading guru’s / holy grail robot resellers showing nothing but back tests, demo accounts or fake reviews. 

We believe automated trading has more to offer than manual trading as long as you know what you are doing. Our team is at your service!