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Frequently asked questions

Youralgo is not a broker so we do not hold any clients funds. We cooperate with regulated brokers where you can open an account. 

All brokers above are connected to our trading app. If your current broker is listed you can connect your account via the app. Just follow the steps. 

Our strategy providers crave for the best trading conditions. It’s not just about the spreads and fees but also about support and trade execution transparency. Besides that we like to keep it simple. Cooperating with just a few brokers will create volume discounts which we pass on to our clients. 

We can reach out to your broker and ask them to get connected. Another option is to pick any of our partner brokers, surely they meet your standards.

All the cost for copy trading are calculated within the broker’s spread. From this spread they pay a small fee to Youralgo. 

To copytrade with a $1000 – $25,000 account you pay around 2.0 pips per eurusd trade.

From $25,000 account sizes you pay around 1.4 pips per eurusd trade. 

We charge USD59 per month to follow a strategy in case you are trading with a partner broker. This, because we earn nothing on the trade side. In case you open an account with a preferred broker, we waive this amount and you can trade as many strategies you want completely free of charge.